Intranet Circulars

Circular No.DateSubject
No.CSB-6(2)/1989-ES-II Vol.X 13/11/2017 Supervisory level Departmental examination - Obtaining willingness from the eligible officials working in the cadre of Assistant Superintendent (Admn.) and Stenographer (Grade-I)  - Regarding.
No.CSB-48(6)/2011-ES-I 10/11/2017 Request transfers of employees of the Central Silk Board for the year 2018 - Reg
No.CSB-29(Int.)/GPF/2011-12 08/11/2017 GPF Interest w.e.f 1st October 2017 to 31st December 2017 - reg.
No.CSB-11(13)/Gen/ LABOUR/2016 02/11/2017 Enhancement of Dearness Allowance to Temporary Status Scheme Workers working in CSB w.e.f. 01.07.2017 - reg
NO.CSB-30(3)/PFMS/2017-18/Accts 30/10/2017 Implementation of Public Finance Management System (PFMS) in CSB units through Web Portal ( - furnishal of details theron - reg.
No.CSB-4[1059]/2017-BS 11/10/2017 Travel entitlements of Government Employees for the purpose of LTC post Seventh Central Pay Commission - clarification - reg.
No.CSB-1(99)/2017-18-ADMN 25/09/2017 Installation of LED based lighting Mandatory in all Govt. building - reg.
No.CSB-1(18)DA/2017-18/BS 25/09/2017 Payment of Dearness Allowance to Central Govt. Employees - Revised rates effective from 01-07-2017
No.CSB-11(05)/2017-18/Coord 19/09/2017 Organisation of Swachhata Hi Seva [SHS] campain from 15.09.2017 to 02.10.2017 in MOT and its Organization - reg.
No.CSB-63(30)/2017-ES.III 14/09/2017 List of Officers / Officials due for Retirement from September 2017 to December 2017
No.CSB-11(05)/2017-18/Coord  13/09/2017 Organisation of Swachhata Hi Seva [SHS] campain from 15.09.2017 to 02.10.2017 in MOT and its Organization - reg.
No.CSB-17(6)/2015/Labour 08/09/2017 Unauthorised absence from duty without intimation / Leave - reg.
No.CSB-3(1)/98-Labour(Vol.III) 08/09/2017 List of Labourers retiring from Board Services from sept. 2017 -  Dec. 2017
No.CSB/RO/KOL/12/2015-16/Admn. 08/09/2017 Accomodation facility at CSB Guest House, Kolkata - reg.
No.CSB-1(99)/2017-18-Admn 05/09/2017 Public Procurement [Preference to Make in India] Order, 2017 for listing of items of Goods and Services - reg.
No. CSB/17/2013-14-Hindi 01/09/2017 Organisation of Hindi Day/Week/Fortnight - 2017 reg.
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No.CSB/RO/ND/GH/2017-18 31/08/2017 Accomodation facility at CSB Transit Rest House at New Delhi - reg
No. CSB-40(5)/2014-ES.I 16/08/2017 Observance of 'SADBHAVANA DIWAS' - reg.
No.CSB-29(Int.)/GPF/2011-12 31/07/2017 GPF Interest w.e.f 1st July 2017 to 30th September 2017 - reg.
No.CSB/7th CPC/Bills/2017-18 24/07/2017 Implementation of 7th CPC Recommendations including the revised allowances for the regular employees - reg.
No.CSB-4[1055]/2017-BS 21/07/2017 Travelling Allowance Rules - Implementation of Seventh Central Pay Commission - reg.
NO.CSB-1(1)/2017-18/Budget/ Accts 11/07/2017 Implementation of 7th CPC recommended revised Allowances in CSB - Requirement of funds for implementing the revised allowances from 1.7.2017 to 28.02.2018 - reg.
No.CSB-1(99)/2017-18-ADMN 07/07/2017 Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India), Order 2017 - reg.
NO.CSB-1(1)/2017-18/Budget/ Accts 04/07/2017 Implementation of 7th CPC recommendation in CSB – Reg.
No. CSB-19(1)/2013-14/Hindi 03/07/2017 हिन्दी के प्रयोग से संबंधित तिमाही प्रगति रिपोर्ट – संशोधित प्रोफार्मा  QPR Regarding use of Hindi – Modified Proforma
No.CSB-7(4)/2013-14-Hindi 29/06/2017 केन्द्रीय रेशम बोर्ड के संबद्ध व अधीनस्थ कार्यालयों की राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन समिति की बैठकें। 
NO:CSB-12(1)/71–ES/VIG.Vol.IV  20/06/2017 Appointment of Part Time Chief Vigilance Officer in the Central Silk Board – regarding. 
No.CSB-1(1)/2017-18/ Budget/Accts 12/06/2017 Implementation of the recommendations of the VII CPC - Revision of Pay Scales of CSB employees on par with Central Government Employees with effect from 01.01.2016 - Date of payment of revised pay and arrears - reg.
No.CSB-30[5]/2017-18/PFMS/ GeM 01/06/2017 Implementation of Goods & Service Tax (GST) - Registration and Training thereon - Reg.
No.CSB-47[1]/2017-ES.I 29/05/2017 Fixation of Pay and Grant of increment in the revised pay structure - Clarifications - reg.
No.CSB-63(125)/2016-ES.II 29/05/2017 Implementation of the recommendations of the VII CPC - Revision  of Pay Scales of CSB employees on par with Central Government Employees with effect from 01.01.2016 - regarding.
Min. of Finance- Dept of Exp. (PFMS) 26/05/2017 Inauguration of Public Finance Management System (PFMS) Help Desk from Controller General of Accounts - reg.
No.CSB-7(11)/2017-ES.II 22/05/2017 Assessment Interview under Modified Flexible Complementing Scheme for CSB Scientists - reg.                Successful Candidates List
No.CSB-38/1/Ministry/DBT/2016-17.TS Vol-II 18/05/2017 Publication of Notification for use of Aadhaar under Section 7 of Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and other Subsidies, Benifits and Services) Act.2016 for Subsidy under the "Scheme for Development of Silk Industry" - reg.
No.CSB-5(2)/2011-Labour 18/05/2017 Enhancement of VDA for Casual / TSFWs (Skilled/Un-Skilled) w.e.f 01.04.2017 - reg.
No.CSB-30[4]/2017-18/GeM 16/05/2017 Utilization of GeM portal for purchase of Goods / Materials / Services - Feedback thereof - reg.
No.CSB-63(125)/2016-ES.II 11/05/2017 Implementation of the recommendation of VII CPC - Reg     Hindi Version
No.CSB-1[41]/2016-2017/IT-BILLS 18/04/2017 Income Tax for the Financial Year 2017-2018 - TAX DEDUCTED AT SOURCE [TDS]  Furnishal of savings declaration - reg.
No.CSB-1(18)DA/2017-18/BS 17/04/2017 Payment of Dearness Allowance to Central Govt. Employees - Revised rates effective from 01-01-2017
No.CSB-2[1]/2017-2018/Accts 11/04/2017 Revised format for request for release of Grants - modification of Plan-Salary instead of Non-Plan head - reg.
No.CSB-30[1]/2011-2012/Accts 10/04/2017 Confirmation of Balances with Banks and other Institutions - reg
No.CSB-30(4)/2017-18/Accts/ GeM 07/04/2017 Purchase of Goods & Materials / availing services / appointment of Consultants, etc., through GeM portal / procurement of goods under DGS&D - reg.
English Version       Hindi Version              Annexures I & II        Annexure III
NO.CSB-30(3)/2017-18/Accts /PFMS 07/04/2017 Utilization of PFMS for implementing various schemes sanctioned by GOI to CSB and release of payments - reg.
English Version                    Hindi Version
No.CSB-1[41]/2016-17/IT-BILLS 27/03/2017 Income Tax for the Financial Year 2016-2017 Clarification from ITO on certain exemption - reg.
No.CSB-30[1]/2016-17/Accts 21/03/2017 Submission of Annual Accounts for the year 2016-17 - Guidelines - regarding.  - Hindi Version
No.CSB-29/GPF/2015-16/BS/ CASH 17/03/2017 Remittance / Refund of outstanding GPF loan amount - reg.
CSB - 13/[1]/2016-2017/Accts 14/03/2017 Delegation of Financial Powers for incurring different items of expenditure - reg.     -   Hindi Version            - ANNEXURE
No.CSB/DPC/16-17/Vol.I 13/03/2017 Extension of benifits of 'Retirement Gratuity and Death Gratuity to the Central Government Employees covered under new Defined Pension Contribution System (NPS) - reg.
CSB-40(1)/2015-ES.I 11/03/2017 Representations from Government servants on service matters - reg.
Office Memorandum 08/03/2017 General Financial Rules,2017 - Complete  (Source Finance Ministry Website)
No.CSB-30(1)/2016-17/Accts. 02/03/2017 Procedure for Remittance of Unspent Grants-in-Aid for the financial year 2016-17 - reg. (Bi-lingual) 
No.CSB-30(1)/2016-17/Accts. 02/03/2017 Surrender of Miscellaneous Receipts for the year 2016-17 - reg. (Bi-lingual)
No.CSB-53(1)/2011-12-Hindi 16/02/2017 Providing information under RTI - reg. 
आर.टी.आई. के अंतर्गत सूचना उपलब्ध करने के संबंध में ।
No.CSB-4(830)/2008-BS 31/01/2017 Unutilised Portion of LTC Advance should be refunded immediately on return journey to Head Quarters - reg.
No.CSB-1(87)/16-17/Admn 23/01/2017 Updating of status of vehicles available at all the Units of Central Silk Board – submission of latest status report – Reg 
No.CSB/GIA/Misc./Accts/2016-17 13/01/2017 Utilisation of Plan-General Fund - Economy Measures and Rationalisation of Expenditure - Reg.
No.CSB-4/(511)/2001-BS 10/01/2017 Submission of details of dependent family members and option of AMA & Govt. / Recognized Hospital for availing medical facility - reg. (For Central Office Only)
No.CSB-2(4)/Gratuity/2007 /Labour 03/01/2017 Grant of service gratuity to the Farm Workers who have been appointed to the post of Field Assistant under Central Silk Board - reg.
No.CSB/29/GPF/CIR/07-08/PF 02/01/2017 Sanction of GPF Advance / Partial Final Withdrawal to Officers & Officials of Central Silk Board - reg
No.CSB/29/GPF/CIR/07-08/PF 02/01/2017 Remitance of GPF Subscription / Advance recoveries for the year 2016-17 - reg.
No.CSB-8(3)/2013/Coord 02/01/2017 Optimum Utilization of Type-I / II staff quarters - reg.
No.CSB-13 (1) / 88-PROPERTY / VIG. VOL.V


Declaration of Assets and Liabilities by the Public Servants under amended  Section 44 of the  Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 – regarding.
No.CSB-5(2)/2011-Labour 19/12/2016 Enhancement of VDA for Casual / TSFWs (Skilled/Un-Skilled) w.e.f 01.10.2016 - reg.
No.CSB-8(3)/2013/Coord 29/11/2016 Revised rates of damages for unauthorised occupation and damages for subletting of GPRA w.e.f 01.07.2016
Office Memorandum (Silk Section, MOT) 25/11/2016 Download UPI APP and be a part of Digital Payment Transformation
No.CSB-40(1)/2016-ES.I 23/11/2016 Celebration of the 125th Birth Anniversery of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar as the Constitution Day - reg.
No.CSB-1[27]/SALARY/2015-2016/BS 18/11/2016 Salary advance for the month of November 2016 to be paid to Non-Gazetted employees of Central Government-reg.
No.CSB-63(14)/2013-ES.III Vol.II 16/11/2016 Constitution of Cadre Review Committee to review the Cadre Restructuring Proposal of 2014 in respect of non-scientific staff of CSB - Inviting suggestions/ Views from non-scientific staff - reg.
No.CSB-9(3)/2014-WAGES/ LABOUR/ VOL.III 15/11/2016 Implementation of Temporary Status Scheme of CSB - enhancement of Dearness Allowances to SFW(TS) - reg.
No.CSB/11(05)/2014/Coord 02/11/2016  Preparation of Swachhta Action Plan (SAP) - reg.
CSB-27/2012-13/Hindi 02/11/2016 हिन्दी कार्यशाला का आयोजन - मानदेय के संबंध में।  Organization of Hindi Workshop - Honorarium 
CSB-40(8)/2014-ES.I 27/10/2016 Observance of Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day) - reg.
No.CSB-6(2)/89-ES-II (Vol.X) 24/10/2016 Filling up of the post of Superintendent (Admin.) under Central Silk Board by departmental promotion – Conducting Supervisory level Departmental Examination – 2016 -  Declaration of Results
No.CSB-22(6)/2000/Labour 20/10/2016 Grant of advances -  Amendment to. Rules 21[5] of Compendium of Rules on Advances to Government Servants - reg
No.CSB-19[4]/2015-2016/BILLS VOL.II 18/10/2016 Grant of advances -  Amendment to. Rules 21[5] of Compendium of Rules on Advances to Government Servants - reg
No.CSB-28(12)/Stores/Vol-III/Admn 18/10/2016 Forwardal of Purchase Procedure & CVC Guidelines - reg.
NO.CSB-1(41)/2016-2017/IT/Bills 06/10/2016 Important Guidelines on the TDS deduction, Income Tax calculation and e-filing of Quarterly and Annual returns
e-Tutorial - Download Form 16        Download Form 16A
No.CSB-11(14)/2013/Coord 27/09/2016 Decisions of the Standing Committee Meeting held on 09.09.2016 at Bengaluru- reg.
No.CSB-8(3)/2013/Coord 19/09/2016 Inviting fresh applications for allotment of vacant staff quarters at BTM Layout, Madivala, Bengaluru- reg.
No.CSB-11(12)/GEN/ LABOUR/2014 24/08/2016 Additional fund requirement for implementation of 7th Central Pay Commission Recommendations in CSB - Preparation of RE 2016-17 and BE 2017-18 - reg.
No.CSB-1(99)/2013/ADMN 22/08/2016 Mandatory publication of tender enquiries on Central Public Procurement Portal - reg
No.CSB-13(1)/88-PROPERTY/ VIG. VOL V 05/08/2016 Declaration of Assets and Liabilities by the Public Servants under Section 44 of the  Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 – filing of Returns by public servants - extension of last date - reg.
No.CSB-6(2)/89-ES-II (Vol.X)  22/07/2016 Filling up of the post of Superintendent (Admin.) under Central Silk Board by departmental promotion – Conducting Supervisory level Departmental Examination – 2016
Intimation       Syllabus     Eligible Candidates List
No.CSB-12[3]/[14]/2016/Coord 12/07/2016 Proposal for construction / repair of buildings / staff quarters etc., thru CPWD / PWD / other construction agencies - reg.
No.CSB-6(1)/SC/2016-17/Coord 20/06/2016 Proposals for placing before the ensuing Standing Committee Meeting - reg.
Guidelines 11/05/2016 Introduction of Krishi Kalyan Cess of 0.5 percent from 1st June 2016 on Service Coming within the purview of Service Tax
Office Memorandum 17/05/2016 Timely submission of matters requiring attention/ approval of Hon'ble Minister of State for Textiles (Independent Charge)
No.CSB-40[3]/2014-ES.I 17/05/2016 Observance of Anti-Terrorism Day - reg.
No.CSB-1(4)/2006/Grievance/ Vig/Vol.X 13/05/2016 Disposal of Public Grievances - reg.
No.CSB-9(3)/2014-WAGES/ LABOUR/ VOL.III 04-05-2016 Implementation of Temporary Status Scheme of CSB - enhancement of Dearness Allowances to SFW(TS) and other clarification - reg.
No.CSB/(CIR)/99-Pension/Vol.VII 22/04/2016 Grant of Dearness Relief to Central Government Pensioners / Family Pensioners - Revised rate effective from 01.01.2016 - reg.
No.CSB-9(3)/2014-WAGES/ LABOUR/ VOL.III 20/04/2016 Implementation of Temporary Status Scheme of CSB - reg.
No.CSB-13(1)/88-PROPERTY/ VIG. VOL V 20/04/2016 Declaration of Assets and Liabilities by the Public Servants under Section 44 of the  Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 – Extension of last date of filing of revised returns by the Public Servants  – regarding.
No.CSB-1/MCP-CDP/2012-PS 11/04/2016 Telecasting of CSB's TV advertisement spot in Doordarshan, North East (DTH) Channel - reg
No.CSB-1[1] / 2016-17 / Accts. 07/04/2016 Booking of Expenditure on Wages i.r.o. TSFWs/SFWs covered under Temporary Status Scheme under Non Plan - reg.
No.CSB-1(4)/2006/Grievance/ Vig/Vol. IX 05/04/2016 Disposal of Public Grievance - reg.
No.CSB-13(1)/88-PROPERTY/VIG. VOL V 05/04/2016 Declaration of Assets and Liabilities by public servants under section 44 of the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 — filing of Returns by public servants on or before 15th April, 2016 - regarding 
English Version          Hindi Version
No.CSB-1[1] / 2016-17 / Accts 01/04/2016 Conferment of Temporary Status to Time Scale Farm Workers of Central Silk Board : Booking of Expenditure - reg
No.CSB-BAS/2015-CS 01/04/2016 Obtaining Aadhar Number and Registration in to Attendance System - reg.
No.CSB/Hostel-RH-Madivala /2015-16/Protocol 28/03/2016 Renovation works at CSB Hostel Building, Madivala, Bengaluru - reg.
No.CSB-11(05)/2014/Coord  24/03/2016  Observance of "Swachh Bharat Pakhwada"- Action Plan - reg.  - SWACHH BHARAT PLEDGE
No.CSB-9(3)/2014-WAGES/ LABOUR/ VOL.II 23/03/2016 Implementation of Temporary Status Scheme of CSB – Reg.
No.CSB-17(4)/2010/Labour 15/03/2016 Grant of Honorarium to Inquiry Officers / Presenting Officers - reg.
NO:CSB-12(1)/71–ES/VIG.Vol.IV  14/03/2016 Appointment of Part Time Chief Vigilance Officer in the Central Silk Board – regarding.  
No.CSB-6[1]/2013-14/BILLS 10/03/2016 Enhancement of Various Allowances by 50% - Owing to increase in Dearness Allowance - reg.
No.CSB-2(2)/Airtickets /Protocol/09 08/03/2016 Booking of air tickets in Air India for official tours & LTC through Authorised Air India travel agents - Forwardal of Terms & Conditions - reg.
No.CSB-11(05)/2014-Coord 04/03/2016 Thematic Cleanliness drives in Government Offices and Buildings : 1st - 15th March 2016
No.CSB-1/MCP-CDP/2012-PS 26/02/2016 Broadcasting of CSB’s radio advertisement spot in Prime, local and FM Channels of All India Radio - regarding
No.CSB-8(3)/2013/Coord 29/02/2016 Inviting fresh applications for allotment of staff quarters at BTM Layout, Madivala and Basavanagudi, Bengaluru- reg.
No.CSB Cir/L&B/Misc/2016-17/Coord 16/02/2016 Furnishal of land and building details as on date – reg.
No.CSB-13[58]/2016-ES-II 01/02/2016 Clarification in Rule 160(xiv) of General Financial Rules, 2005 regarding award of contract to a firm which has quoted 'NIL" consideration in the Bid
No.CSB-1(4)/2006/Grievance / VIG.Vol.IX 26/01/2016 Activating the machinery for Redressal of Public / Staff grievances - Nomination of Grievance Officer at CSB, Bangalore - reg.
No.CSB-5(2)/2015-ES.III 18/01/2016 Filling up of posts of FA in the PB-1 Rs.5200-20200 + GP of Rs.2000/- under CSB - reg.
No.CSB-18-DPC-14-15 10/12/2015 New Pension Scheme - related Guidelines
No.CSB-3(1)/ 2014-15-Hindi 22/12/2015 Implementation of Official Language - reg.
No.CSB-11(5)/2014/Coord 18/12/2015 Observance of Special Cleanliness campaign during 18th - 27th December, 2015 - reg.
No.CSB-31/2/Tour/Main-Institute/2015-16-TS-1/Vol.11 10/12/2015 Regulation of Tour Programme - reg.
No.CSB-48(6)/2011-ES.I 08/12/2015 Submission of proposal relating to transfer of officers & staff to be effected during 2016 - regarding 
No.CSB-5(2)/2015-ES.III 30/11/2015 Filling up of posts of FA in the PB-1 Rs.5200-20200 + GP of Rs.2000/- under CSB - reg.
No.CSB-6(5)/2010/LABOUR/VOL.II 09/10/2015 Implementation of Interim Orders dated 30.04.2014 passed by the H'ble High Court of Karnataka in W.P.No.18693/2014 in C.R.No.151/2007 between CSBEU Vs/ CSB - reg.
No. CSB/Misc/2014-15/Section Meeting/Coord 01/10/2015 Voluntary Blood Donation Camp - reg.
No. CSB/Section Meet/ 2015/Coord 29/09/2015 Organising the Blood Donation Day on 01/10/2015 - reg.
No.CSB-11(5)/2014/Coord 29/09/2015 Organising Swachh Bharat Mission on 02/10/2015 - reg.
No. CSB-8[1]/2005-2006/ BILLS VOL.III 29/09/2015 Grant of Computer Advance - reg.
CSB/MS/PA/TOUR/MEETING/2015 03/09/2015 Movement of Officers of  CSB on tours to attend various meetings - streamlining of meetings
No.CSB/MS/PA/CIRCULAR/2015 02/09/2015 Resolution on 69th Independence Day - reg.
No.CSB-1(3)2014-RS/Vol-II 01/09/2015 Swachh Bharat Mission - Creating an efficient and responsive work culture - Guidelines for weeding out of old official records - reg.
No. CSB/Section Meet/ 2015/Coord 21/08/2015 Voluntary Blood Donation Day - reg.
No.CSB-40(1)/2013-ES I 11/08/2015 Non Observance of Rule 20 of CCS (Conduct) Rules. 1964 - reg
No.CSB-11(14)/2013/coord 27/07/2015 Submission of monthly statements of ongoing and completed Civil / Electrical / Miscellaneous Works - reg.
No.CSB-7(2)/2014-ES.II(PF) 23/07/2015 Clarifications on the points raised by Scientists in their representations on FCS issue - reg.
No.CSB-1(41)/2012-2013/IT/ Bills 23/07/2015 Hands-on practical training on the Income Tax Package and Scheme-wise / project-wise  expenditure - Status - reg.
No.CSB/11(14)2013/Coord. 21/07/2015 Proposal for Civil / Electrical / Miscellaneous Works - reg
No.CSB-8(3)/2013/Coord. 30/06/2015 Allotment/retention/extension of CSB staff quarter-procedures - reg. (Pl. see connected Circulars 10 nos. dated 10/04/2015, 30/12/2013, 26/09/2013, 30/07/2013, 08/07/2013, 12/06/2013, 06/07/2011, 04/03/2010, 26/05/2009, 19/01/1998)
Office Memorandum (Ministry) 11/05/2015 Release of "Policy on Adoption of Open Source Software for GoI" and "Framework for adoption of OSS in e-Governance applications" 
No.CSB-31/2/Tour Approval-Circular/2015-16-TS-1 24/04/2015 Curtailment of Air Journey expenditure - reg.
No.CSB-4(830)/2005/BS 13/04/2015 LTC claims - Need for observing prescribed procedures - reg.
No.CSB-8(3)/2013/Coord. 10/04/2015 Particulars of close Relations sharing the accommodation of Allottee
No.CSB-22(147)/2012-13/GSLIS-BILLS 06/04/2015 Enrollment of Employees under GSLIS(Scheme) - reg.
No.CSB/29/GPF/2014-2015 01/04/2015 Annual Statement of GPF Account for the year 2014-15 - reg.
No.CSB-57/3/MoT(Gen) /2014-15/TS4 23/03/2015 Disposal of Communications received from Members of Parliament - Reg
No.CSB-5(2)/2015-ES-III (Field Assistant) 24/03/2015 Filling up of the posts of Field Assistant – Amendment to Recruitment Rules – regarding.   -   English Version             -   Hindi Version
No.CSB-1(1)/2000-01/Accts. 05/03/2015 Expenditure Management - Austerity Measures  - in CSB units - reg.
No.CSB-40(1)/2013-ES.I 20/02/2015 Introduction of AADHAAR Enabled Bio-metric Attendance System in CSB – regarding 
No.CSB-31/2(Genl)/2014-15/RCS 12/01/2015 Guidelines for CSB Institutes - reg.
No.CSB-13(39)2014-ES.II 05/12/2014 Enhancement of ceiling limit to Employees Provident  Fund - regarding
No.CSB-47(1)/2014-ES I 18/11/2014 Inclusion of Aadhar (Unique Identification) Number in Service Book of Government Servants - reg.
No.CSB-47(1)/2014-ES.I 14/11/2014 Posting of Information relating to Working Hours etc. on "Indian Government Websites."
No.CSB-1(1)/2000-01/ Accts. 12/11/2014 Expenditure Management - Economy Measures and Rationalisation of Expenditure -Reg.
No.CSB-29/GPF/2011-12/BS/CASH-Vol.I 12/11/2014 Forwardal of PRS GPF back-up data LDAT.ZIP file - regarding
No.CSB-18/DPC/08-09/INV/Vol-I 23/09/2014 Timely Remittance of NPS Contribution - reg.
No.CSB-6(1174)/10-11/Pension 12/09/2014 Guidelines with regard to Pension Payment - reg.
No.CSB-6(Misc)/14-15/Pension 18/09/2014 Undertaking for deduction of excess amount paid to the Pensioners - reg.
09/09/2014 Ceiling limit of CSB's contribution to EPF in respect of Farm Workers of CSB stands enhanced from the existing Rs.6500/- p.m. to Rs.15,000/- p.m.- reg.
16/07/2014 Revision of wages to TSFWs/SFWs working in different units of CSB - reg. 
No.CSB-9(1)/2013/wages/ Labour/Vol.II 12/06/2014 Revision of wages to TSFWs/SFWs working in different units of CSB - reg.
No.CSB-6(5)/2010-Labour/ Vol.II 10/06/2014 Implementation of Inerim Orders dated 30.04.2014 passed by the Hon'ble High Court of Karnataka in WP.No.18693/2014 in C.R.No.151/2007 between CSBEU Vs CSB - reg.
No.CSB-9(1)/2008-ES-II (Vol.III) 06/06/2014 Disposal of objections received on the Provisional Seniority list circulated
CSB-12(6)(4)/2013/Coord 30/05/2014 Completion of construction works - Capitalization of deposits - Forwardal of status reports and utilization certificates / Refund of unspent balance amount - reg.
No.CSB-7(2)/2014-ES.II (PF)
Clarifications on the points raised by Scientists in their representations on FCS issue - reg.
No.CSB-13(39)/2013-COORD 05/03/2014 Payment of revised rates to the Security Contractor/Agency who provides security services - reg.
CSB-09[2]2012/Coord 29/01/2014 Procedure to be observed while forwarding the proposal for enhancement of rent for the hired buildings and new proposals for hiring of buildings for housing CSB units - reg  English version  Hindi version
No.CSB-8(15)/2013/ Coord. 30/12/2013 Revised flat rate of licence fee w.e.f 01-07-2013 - reg.
No.CSB-4[825]/2008-BS 19/12/2013 Air Travel on Official account - relaxation of government instructions - reg.
No.CSB-11(11)/2013/ LABOUR 17/12/2013 Labour Manual 2012 (as revised upto 31.10.2013) - reg
No.CSB-7(1)/2013-ES.II 16/12/2013 Recruitment Rules 2013, Scientist Group A Post, Central Silk Board, MOT - reg.
No.CSB-1(41)/2012-2013/ IT-BILLS 13/12/2013 House Rent Allowance excemption claim limit - reg.
No.CSB-11(13)/2012-13/Coord 27/11/2013 Non Maintenance of data in respect of Deposit works - Forwardal of data, status reports and utilization certificates - reg.
No.CSB-8(15)/2013/Coord 06/11/2013 Revision of rates of damages for the unauthorized occupation of staff quarters - reg
No.CSB-8(3)/2013/Coord 26/09/2013 Staff Quarters Allotment Rule amendments on Transfer - reg
No.CSB-10[16]/2013/Coord 24/09/2013 Furnishal of Quarterly report of Staff Quarters in CSB Units - reg.
No.CSB-09[35]2012/coord 28/08/2013 Procedure to be observed while forwarding the Proposals for enhancement of rent for the hired buildings for CSB units and new proposals for hiring of buildings - reg.
NO: CSB-22/1/94/2007-08/coord/XXII 14/08/2013
Proper representation of Central Silk Board by CSB units – reg.
No.CSB-8(3)/2013/Coord 30/07/2013 Rule for Retention of Staff Quarters by the retired Officers/Official
No.CSB-8(3)/2013/Coord 08/07/2013 Rule for Retention of staff quarters by the family in case of death of allottee
No.CSB-29/GPF/2011-12/BS/ Cash-vol.I 28/06/2013 Forwardal of PRS GPF backup data - LDAT.ZIP file - regarding 
No.CSB-8(15)/2013/ Coord. 12/06/2013 Revision of rates of damages for the unauthorized occupation - implementation at CSB units - reg.
No.CSB-28(12)/06-Admn/VOL.III 04/06/2013 Guidelines for Indication of Budget Head while forwarding the proposals
No.CSB-1[41]/2013-14/IT-BILLS 17/04/2013 Important guidelines for recovery and remittance of  income tax and issual of Form-16  
No.CSB-57/3(MoT)/Gen/2013/TS4 17/04/2013 Compliance of instructions given by the Prime Minister's Office for expeditious processing and disposal of proposals 
No.CSB-23[69]/2011-12/GSLIS-Bills 05/02/2013 Remittance of GSLIS contribution amount through Core / RTGS/NEFT
No.CSB-4(2)/2012/Coord 26/02/2013 Payment of Property Tax-reg.
No.CSB-19/2011-12-Hindi 18/02/2013 Issuing of documents under section 3(3) of the Official Languages Act 1963 in bilinugual and replying to the letters in Hindi received in Hindi
No.CSB-28(12)/99-ADMIN 30/01/2013 Transparency in works / purchase / consultancy contracts awarded on nomination basis.
CSB-28(12)/99-ADMIN 19/11/2012 Compliance of e-procurement systems with DIT guidelines on Quality requirement
CSB-28[12]/06/Admn/Vol.II 21/05/2012 Purchase procedure / guidelines - Reg.
CSB/29/GPF/MISC./12-13/CASH 04/05/2012 Payment of GPF Advance/ PFW through e-payment
CSB-28[12]/06/Admn/Vol.III 16/04/2012 Purchase procedure / guidelines
CSB/General/2008-CS 07/03/2012 Submission of PRS monthly data backup by Email
No.CSB-3(1)/2011-12/Accts 07/02/2012 Reclassification of Assets - reg.
CSB-23(5)(1)/95-96/Hindi 03/01/2012 Granting of Incentive amount to any one Officer/Employee for carrying out the additional responsibility of Implementation of Official Language in the Offices where there is no Hindi Post
No.CSB-28(7)/2006-07/L.F/W C/S.Qtrs/ Coord. 06/07/2011 Revised flat rates of licence fees w.e.f 01.07.2010 - reg.
No.CSB/General/2008-CS 08/06/2010 Guidelines for Computer Maintenance - reg.
No.CSB-28(7)/2006-07/L.F/W C/S.Qtrs/ Coord. 04/03/2010 Optimum utilization of Type-I staff quarters - reg.
No.CSB-28(7)/2006-07/L.F/W C/S.Qtrs/ Coord. 26/05/2009 Classification of residential accomodation - reg.
No.CSB-28(7)/2006-07/L.F/W C/S.Qtrs/ Coord. 19/01/1998 Retention of Staff Quarters by the Officials transferred - reg.