As a part of Audio‑visual Programme, the Central Silk Board has produced a number of video cassettes. The board intends to sell the videos at a moderate price for the benefit of people concerned with sericulture/silk industry. The following videos are available with the Central Silk Board for sale.

No Video Duration
Available languagesDetails
SERICULTURE IN INDIA 25:38 English  This video film explains various commercially known Indian silk varieties and the programmes and strategies of both Central and State governments at the same time highlights the research and development efforts of Central silk Board.
2 PACKAGE FOR PROSPERITY 20:00 English  This documentation showcases the various research innovations of Central Silk Board with regard to Mulberry cultivation and silkworm rearing. It also explains the package of practices which have been initiated for mulberry cultivation both for irrigated and rainfed conditions and also the improved techniques of silkworm rearing and also shows the various methods for controlling pests and diseases of mulberry as well as silkworm
A STITCH IN TIME 18:47 English  The occurrence of disease on silkworms is one major stumbling block for successful cocoon crop harvests. As the name suggests, it shows the various problems which helps the rearer reorient the silkworm rearing to achieve bumper cocoon crop
4 REELING FOR QUALITY SILK 23:35 English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Odiya & Urdu This video film is first of its kind as reeling is the weakest link in the chain of Sericultural activities and needs constant attention, quality of reeled yarn is a major factor in Indian silk to be accepted in International market.
5 CAPSULE FILMS ON POST COCOON TECHNOLOGY 25:27 English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Odiya & Urdu Central Silk Board has produced short capsule films on various post cocoon activities such as reeling for quality silk, sorting and grading, multi end reeling, reeling byproducts and water for silk reeling.
6 PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE 17:38 English Silk industry as other industries is also beset with various hazards. This film showcases the health hazards posed by the reeling and Grainage activities and the preventive steps to be taken to prevent the Grainage and reeling workers being affected by such hazards.
7 MULBERRY CULTIVATION AND FARM MANAGEMENT [PART I & II] 20:25 Hindi, Kannada,  Tamil, Bengali & Urdu This video film shows the different package of practices to be adopted in mulberry cultivation and farm management techniques. This video film gives information on soil management, mulberry varieties and the diseases affecting them, major pests and the amount of fertilizers weedicides to be applied.
8 SILKWORM REARING TECHNOLOGY [ PART I & II ] 20:00 Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali & Urdu This film showcases at length the various aspects of Uzifly management, Blue polythene sheet, low cost incubation, shoot rearing, hygiene during rearing, construction of rearing houses disinfection methods to be adopted at rearing house in detail.
9 THE STORY OF TASAR 20:00 English This video film chronicles the ups and downs of the tasar silk industry in India. It also showcases the rehabilitation of nomadic tribes living in the jungles of Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Odisa, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh through tasar silkworm rearing.
10 GOLDEN MUGA : THE CULTURAL HERITAGE OF ASSAM 25:00 English Muga silk also known as golden fabric is the Pride of Indian sericulture industry as nowhere in the world it is found. Thus, this video which has been adjudged as the best industrial film in the 35th National film festival, New Delhi showcases the various facets of muga silk industry from food plant to muga silk fabric.
This video film is informative and educational in nature gives complete information about package practices to be adopted during mulberry cultivation, particularly in South India.
12 NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT FOR HEALTHY GROWTH OF MULBERRY GARDEN. 22:00 English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil & Telugu  This video film gives complete information about nutrient management for healthy growth of mulberry garden for sustained productivity of mulberry plant, Integrated nutrient management is the key as they help in maintaining fertility and feasibility of the soil. It also discusses in detail the importance of organic nutrients viz, composed, vermin composed, bio-fertilizers, green leaf manures, tank bund soil and their usages.
13 SERICULTURE EXTENSION 15:00 English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil & Telugu This video film gives complete information about the sericulture extension work undertaken by Central Silk Board as well as DOS in various States.  Effective extension system is the need of the hour in order to realize the benefits of new technologies developed by research institutes. Only by developing new sericulture technologies will not ensure benefits. They will only succeed if they are effectively transferred to the field and are adopted by the farmers.
14 SERICULTURE TRAINING 15:00 English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil & Telugu The Research institutes of CSB regularly conducts training programmes to the develop professionally competent technical and extension personnel. These training programmes help the sericulturists to update the knowledge of trainees.
15 HYGIENE AND CHAWKI REARING 40:00 Hindi, Tamil & Telugu This video film gives information on requirement of  chawki rearing disinfection and disinfection methods, Handling of eggs, leaf plucking and transportation, perseveration of chawki leaf, leaf chopping for chawki larvae, identification of mounting larvae etc.
40:00 English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil & Telugu  This film covers the disinfectant and disinfection methods, different types of rearing houses, different types of rearing methods, hygiene during late age rearing and arrangement of shoots, amount of mulberry leaves to be fed during the various stages of rearing, space requirement for rearing area and identification of mature larvae and how to transport the cocoons etc.
15:00 English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil & Telugu  Sericulture is the first choice among many farmers due to its high return ratio. Silkworm rearing needs to be done in large scale for higher profit which can be managed only through mechanized cultivation. To lower production cost of mulberry leaves mechanization is needed, and silkworm rearing is very labour intensive activity. This video film gives details of the tools machines and appliances developed by CSB research institutes for various activities like leaf chopping, separation of mature silkworms etc.
18 NEW SILKWORM RACES FOR SEASONS & REGIONS 15:00 English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil & Telugu This sericulture film gives detailed guidance to the silkworm rearers who are spread across the country. This film gives guidance for the rearers to rear the races which are suitable for them.
19 OAK TASAR SILKWORM REARING AND SEED PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES 15:00 English This CSB sericulture video film covers various subjects like host plant maintenance, Chawki oak tasar silkworm seed production techniques, physical and commercial characteristics of Oak tasar cocoons sorting and selection of seed cocoon, preservation of seed cocoons, Grainage operation techniques, cocoon sorting and stifling etc
20 POST COCOON ACTIVITIES IN OAK TASAR SILK PRODUCTION 15:00 English This CSB sericulture video film preservation of cocoons, cocoon cooking technology, cocoon deflossong reeling, re-reeling, silk spinning, Type of silkwaste. It is a educational film and quite helpful for oak tasar seri-producers, reelers and weavers and staff of government departments of North-Eastern regions.
21 ERI SILK IN THE NORTH-EAST   English This is a compilation of various facets of eri silk industry. Eri Silk is produced mainly in the states of Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Manipur and has a huge employment generation potential.
Research Institutes of CSB have been developing various package of practices for silkworm rearing technique. This video film highlights the package of practices developed for Eri silkworm.
23 LARGE SCALE SERICULTURE FARMING 20:00 Hindi, Tamil & Telugu
This recent production of Central Silk Board shows the economics of sericulture and gives details on Mulberry cultivation, farm management, Chawki and late age rearing etc.
24 STRONG TIES: LOOSE THREADS: WOMEN IN SILK 40:20 Kannada A Video film which shows how silk is interwoven with women’s life and explains the role of women in sericulture  in mulberry cultivation, silkworm rearing, silk reeling and silk weaving.
25 LIFE STORY OF A MOTH: THE SILKWORM 09:52 English This video film on Bombyx Mori.L, the most popular and domesticated among all the silkworm varieties. The wonderful process of construction of cocoon shells by silkworm Bombyx Mori.L which becomes the lustrous, fine silk has been beautifully shown in this film.
NOTE:   The above sericulture CDs are sold at .100/- + .50/-[postal charges] per copy. It will be supplied only on receipt of advance payment of its cost. For foreign countries the cost of a video copy will be US $50 [Fifty U.S Dollars only] inclusive of Mailing Charges. The payment may please be made through Demand Draft in favour of “The Member Secretary, Central Silk Board, Bangalore – 560 068”.
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