Catalytic Development Programme during XII Five Year Plan 
(Centrally Sponsored Scheme)

Sericulture and silk industry contributes significantly towards rural employment, poverty alleviation, income redistribution and women empowerment and in turn, national economy. Catalytic Development Programme (CDP) is the flagship scheme of the Central Silk Board (CSB), Ministry of Textiles for sustaining all round development of sericulture and silk industry in the country, and has been an important tool for effective transfer and adoption of improved technology packages developed by the research institutes of CSB at the field level through Five Year Plans.

CDP has been under implementation in collaboration with State Governments since IX Plan period with periodic appraisals, modifications and additional inputs / components.  The scheme consists of various components and sub-components for promotion of all the four varieties of silk in the country i.e., Mulberry, Tasar, Eri and Muga. During XII Plan, the CDP has been redesigned to meet the sectoral requirements, and to ensure that the sector grows at a healthy pace. While some of the existing components of CDP have been deepened / modified by taking up certain additional inputs / sub-components, certain new interventions have also been proposed in order to meet the zonal requirements.

Basically, CDP comprises 3 major sectors, viz. (a) Mulberry Sector; (b) Vanya Sector, and, (c) Post-cocoon Sector.  These 3 major sectors are supported by Support Service components. Most of the components are meant for the beneficiaries, while a few are for State Govts. towards infrastructure development at State level. The scheme has been approved for implementation with a total project cost of Rs.1,852.36 crore, of which the GoI share is Rs.889.00 crore, State share is Rs.426.87 crore and balance Rs.536.49 crore is beneficiary share.

There are two parts of the CDP manuals uploaded here. The Manual of CDP (Book-1) details information on schemes, technical specifications, operational guidelines, zone-wise targets, norms and financial projections etc., while the CDP Unit Cost Book (Book 2) elucidates zone-wise unit cost for each component. Both the books are read together for comprehensive understanding of the scheme/components under CDP. These books are also available in CD format.  

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Manual of CDP (Book-1) (chapter-wise)

CDP Unit Cost Book (Book-2) (chapter-wise)

For further guidance on how to get going with the schemes and avail the benefits, please contact the Department of Sericulture in your State.  


For further guidance on various schemes and to avail the benefits, please contact the Department of Sericulture in your State.  
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''Application Format for Post-Cocoon Components under XII Plan CDP''

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